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Plastic Surgeon in Sydney

Are you looking for a plastic surgeon in Sydney?

The team at Norwest Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is here to help you.

Directed by Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Sydney, Dr Gavin Sandercoe, we offer our patients a wide range of plastic and cosmetic options for the breast, face and body, specifically targeting each patient’s needs and concerns. It is our mission to provide the highest quality professional advice, non-surgical treatments, and plastic surgery in Sydney.

Our Patients Come First

At Norwest Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery in Sydney, our patients are always our top priority. We are dedicated to ensuring that your experience with us is as pleasant as possible. We understand the importance of your decision making process; therefore, we focus on treating all of our patients with the utmost respect, confidentiality and attention to detail. We do everything possible to ensure that our patients are fully informed and entirely happy during each step of the process. This takes more of our time, but we feel strongly that the benefits of empowering our patients and treating them with respect are worth the extra investment of time and energy.

Through consultation with their Sydney plastic surgeon, our patients are presented with all of the options that could help them achieve their goals for their appearance, along with the risks and benefits of each. The patient can ask any questions that he or she may have, and can then make the best decisions about how to proceed. This helps to ensure an ideal end result, and our patients feel confident in the choices that they make.

Your Safety is Our Priority

Your safety is important to us. All major procedures that require general anaesthesia are performed in accredited hospitals with a specialist anaesthetist. This includes breast procedures (such as breast augmentation), facelifts, rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) and other facial surgeries, and other body procedures such as tummy tucks. Ensuring that a specialist anaesthetist is in charge of the anaesthesia during your procedure helps to ensure your safety during your plastic surgery in Sydney.

We can perform smaller procedures (such as skin lesion removal or cosmetic injections) at Norwest Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery under local anaesthetic. This is a simple procedure of injecting a numbing medication into the area to be treated, and does not require a specialist anaesthetist. Our rooms are located across the road from the new Norwest Private Hospital.

Ready to Consult a Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Sydney?

If you’re looking for a Sydney plastic surgeon, Dr Gavin Sandercoe would be happy to see you for a consultation. For instructions on how to find our office, please click the link below in the ‘contact us’ section. Please call our office to book your appointment.

Please see the links on the left for our FAQ section and for more relevant information. We also provide information about the many procedures offered by our office. This will help you prepare for your appointment, allowing you to ask informed questions about your own medical situation when you visit your specialist plastic surgeon in Sydney.

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