Labioplasty in Sydney

Labioplasty in Sydney

The appearance, shape and size of our ‘private parts’ can be distressing for some people. Pregnancy and labour can cause lasting changes to the size and shape of women’s labia, which can be a concern to some women. In addition, the shape of some women’s labia can cause discomfort, irritation and hygiene problems. A labioplasty is a safe procedure designed to reduce and reshape the labia minora.

What is involved in labioplasty?

Labia minora have a well developed nerve and blood supply, which allows the tissue to be reshaped and heal quickly.

Dissolving sutures are used to minimise any discomfort from having them removed. There is a period of a few weeks after the operation in which the sensation is altered, but this returns as the swelling resolves and the tissues heal.

We generally offer labioplasty as a day surgery procedure, under general anaesthetic in a fully accredited facility. If you have a labioplasty in Sydney performed as a secondary procedure, it is common for us to suggest that you spend a night in hospital, to ensure your safety.

When is the right time to consider labioplasty in Sydney?

You should consider this procedure after you are sure that you are finished having children. If you have a labioplasty and then deliver another baby, you will likely lose the benefits of the procedure. If you think that you might want another child, you should wait to have your labioplasty in Sydney until afterward.

What does Dr Sandercoe offer?

There are several different techniques for labioplasty, and which are used depends on the patient’s individual circumstances and desires for the procedure. An initial consultation with Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Gavin Sandercoe and his team will help you to understand what your individual circumstances are, and what would be involved in your labioplasty in Sydney.

Dr Gavin Sandercoe is a fully qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon with training in many different techniques of reshaping tissues such as labia. Dr Sandercoe does not favour one particular technique – he will discuss your options and propose a technique that is matched with your physical needs and social restrictions, to create an individualised surgical plan for your labioplasty in Sydney. This will help you on the road to recovering with a great result!

Considering labioplasty in Sydney?

If you would like to learn more about labioplasty and whether it can help you, visit a Specialist Plastic Surgeon. You will need a thorough history and examination to determine what options may work for you. Dr Gavin Sandercoe can provide you with his expert opinion as a Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Sydney at an initial consultation.

Find out more about an initial surgical consultation.

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