Breast Implant Revision

Breast Implants in Sydney – Revision

Are you considering revision of breast implants in Sydney?

Breast augmentation procedures may need revision either due to poor planning or changes of the implant, or overlying tissue, with time. Additionally, we know that implants are not necessarily a device that will last a patient’s lifetime. Reported failure rates are about 1% per year. In some cases, women simply change their minds about what they want, and desire bigger or smaller breast implants than the ones they originally selected.

As a result of any of these factors, patients with breast implants in Sydney sometimes choose to have a revision surgery. The revision procedure is a bit different than the original breast augmentation surgery to place breast implants in Sydney. Depending on what type of revision surgery you need, it may be fairly similar or very different from your original procedure. The type of revision you need for your breast implants depends on several factors.

What factors affect revision of breast implants in Sydney?

All patients seeking revision surgery after receiving breast implants in Sydney need to have their plastic surgeon evaluate and explain the interplay between the following factors:-

•    Breast/soft tissue coverage
•    Skin envelope
•    Capsule
•    Pocket position
•    The implant itself

These factors will influence the choice of revision your surgeon recommends. There are several different ways to do a revision of breast implants in Sydney. Revision procedures may be as simple as exchanging implants through the original incision, or as complex as requiring a complete change of incision, pocket and implant.

Will my breast implants look good after revision?

Which type of implant revision you choose will affect how your implants look after the revision procedure. Additionally, the overlying breast and skin tissues tend to be thinner and less able to bounce back after a second procedure than they were after the first procedure. Due to this, additional scars may be necessary to help shape the tissues into a good shape, with removal of any loose tissues (such as sagging skin). Ultimately, a scar will fade and become much less visible with time, so adding an extra scar in order to improve the overall cosmetic result of the procedure is a good tradeoff for many women.

The overlying factor that will determine the likelihood of a good outcome is how much soft tissue can be manipulated to cover the breast implants. The more soft tissue you have, the better the results your surgeon will be able to create for you. When you see your Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Sydney for your breast implant revision consultation appointment, your surgeon will give you a realistic idea of what results you can expect after your procedure.

Are you considering revision of your breast implants in Sydney?

To determine what options you have for a breast implant revision procedure, an in-person consultation is necessary. Your Specialist Plastic Surgeon will examine you and ask about your goals for revising your breast implants in Sydney. With this knowledge, he can use his professional expertise to determine which options would be most likely to be successful for your breast implant revision.

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