Breast Fat Grafting Patient

Breast Fat Grafting in Sydney - Ideal Patient

Who gets a great result from fat grafting to the breast?

Like all surgical procedures, achieving great results begins with appropriate patient selection.

What makes a patient ‘ideal’ for autologous fat transfer to the breast (for either cosmetic or reconstructive reasons)?

  • Relatively symmetrical breasts, or understanding what is required in correcting breast asymmetry
  • Appropriate fat stores
  • Relatively weight stable
  • No skin excess, and good skin quality
  • Nipples in an appropriate position on chest wall
  • Only wanting a 1 cup size increase in volume, or prepared to use Brava to allow volume increase to 1.5 – 2 cup sizes. Patients wanting greater than this increase in volume need to be prepared to have multiple sessions of fat grafting, or should consider breast implants
  • Prepared to undergo pre-operative & post operative breast cancer screening
  • Non-smokers only


So in short, younger women that are non smokers and within a healthy weight range are the best candidates.

Women that have had their breast skin stretched either through pregnancy or weight loss, or that require nipple repositioning, can be disappointed with their results from autologous fat transfer, and often do better with breast implants.

Making a decision about fat transfer vs breast implants requires an in depth discussion with your Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Sydney, so that you understand the pros & cons of each procedure, and are accepting of both the benefits and risks of the choice that you make.




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