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Breast Implant Removal Explant Recovery in Sydney Australia

Breast Implant Removal Explant – Recovery in Sydney Australia

Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Gavin Sandercoe performs all his breast explantation procedures under General Anaesthetic at Norwest Private Hospital. Although patients may have had their breast implants inserted under sedation, this is not a safe option for breast explantation.

The explant procedure can be performed as a day only procedure, but if the patient is able to afford it a one night hospital stay is preferable to ensure that post operative discomfort is controlled and that you get an opportunity to discuss your procedure (and remember the conversation) with Dr Gavin Sandercoe afterwards.

The incision is covered with surgical tape. The aim is to keep this tape intact for the first 3-4 weeks, to allow your scar to develop strength and to enter the remodelling phase. At your 3-4 week follow up, we remove your tape and begin instructions on medium term scar management – scar massage, silicone treatments and laser if required. Please do not start applying oils or creams until you have had this follow up appointment.

Patients that have had a capsulectomy will wake up with a drain in their operative site/s. The site that the drain exits the skin is covered with a water-resistant dressing. It is important to keep this site dry. Drain site infections from tap water (showers) are uncommon, but they are a nusiance to treat and result in a poorer scar for the drain site. This drain puncture mark usually settles out into a small scar – don’t forget to massage this scar!

Drains are removed once the daily volume falls to less than 20ml/day for 2 consecutive days. This is performed at the rooms on a Tuesday or Friday, by a community nurse, or by your General Practitioner (if they agree to be involved in your post-operative care).

We usually use a binder across the chest to encourage the chest wall to stick back together and hasten the removal of drains. Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Gavin Sandercoe encourages patients to use compression garments for 4-8 weeks post-operatively. If the binder is uncomfortable, any form of compression garment is ok. Many sports brands (such as Lorna Jane and Under Armour) make padded sports crop tops with a front zip.

If you have had a muscle repair, we want you to minimise the times that you put your arms above your shoulders in the first 8 weeks, so the muscle has a chance to heal onto the ribs. Front zipping or clasping bras and button up shirts are going to be part of your life during this recovery period.

You are provided with post operative pain relief for the first week. Antibiotics are usually provided until the drains are removed.

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