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Breast Lift in Sydney

Are you considering a breast lift in Sydney (mastopexy)?

Do you feel that your breasts would look better with a bit more support? Have you lost weight, or finished breast feeding, and think that your breasts have not returned to their original shape? Or would you just like to have breasts that look more youthful, in line with how you feel? A breast lift in Sydney, also known as a mastopexy, is a safe way to achieve better shaped breasts.

The shape of the breasts, and the position of the nipple on the breast mound, changes with time. Large weight fluctuations and pregnancy/breast feeding accentuate the effects of time and gravity by stretching the skin over the breast. The amount of skin that rebounds is determined by many factors – genetics, the amount of stretch placed on the skin, how fast that stretch was applied and removed, the general quality of the skin, presence of stretch marks and the amount of support (physical and nutritional) that is provided during the healing. A breast lift in Sydney provides women whose breasts do not “bounce back” with an option for restoring their figures.

A well shaped breast is comprised of a few key elements


•    An upper pole that slopes gently from the collar bone down to the nipple
•    A nipple that is at the point of maximum projection of the breast, and ideally above the junction of the breast with the lower chest/abdominal wall
•    A rounded lower pole of the breast that joins the lower rib cage at a concise line

As the rest of your body gets into shape, most women feel that their breasts never catch up to the improvements that they are making on the rest of their shape. There is little that anyone can do without surgery that will result in the skin and shape of the breast returning to its prior state. A breast lift in Sydney comes as close as possible to restoring your youthful feminine shape.

How do I get breasts that look as youthful as I feel?

The most comprehensive method of restoring the breast to a more youthful appearance is to reposition the nipple to the correct position whilst retaining as much breast volume as possible, and then assess the need for an implant to fill the breast outline. Once this has been established, excess skin and stretch marks can be removed, and this will help support the nipple and breast to heal in the new position.

Many of the techniques (or patterns) of breast lift in Sydney are similar to breast reduction. Most women appreciate that small dress modifications can be made without cutting material, but larger modifications require material to be cut and new seams or hems to be sewn. This same principle applies to breast lifting – there is often a small amount of breast tissue that must be removed to allow the breast tissue to be reshaped into a pleasing result. Most breast lifts can be done through shorter scar techniques, as by definition there is little excess volume and skin requiring removal (as compared to a breast reduction) and less stress on the healing wound afterwards.

In general terms, there are a few common classes of breast lift, or mastopexy, and they all have their role in breasts with differing needs. We offer these three main types of breast lift in Sydney. Each one is right for women with certain types of breast sagging.

1.    Periareolar (Benelli) mastopexy.

This type of mastopexy results in a scar that is only at the junction of the pigmented areola and normal breast skin. As there is minimal skin excision involved in this operation, it achieves good results in breasts with mild laxity, making it the right choice for certain types of patients getting a breast lift in Sydney. It is often combined with a breast implant for best results.


2.    Vertical scar mastopexy.

This operation has a similar lollipop scar to smaller size breast reductions, and is suitable for breasts with moderate laxity and reasonable skin quality. It relies on some skin take up to assist with supporting the breast, so this will not be the best option for patients seeking a breast lift in Sydney whose skin has loosened and become lax over time.


3.    Inverted T mastopexy.

This type of breast lift in Sydney is suitable for breasts with severe laxity and nipples that have dropped significantly. The resulting scar is the same as used larger breast reductions. The scars run around the nipple, down the breast and along the infra-mammary fold, in an anchor shape.


Are you considering a breast lift in Sydney?

If you are thinking about having a breast lift in Sydney, you should seek to consult with an expert to learn more about your options and what might work in your case. A consultation with Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Gavin Sandercoe will inform you of your options, risks, and expected results. Dr Sandercoe offers every patient two consultation appointments, to ensure that you have time to ask all of your questions and think through your options.

Before & after mastopexy (lift only, no implants) by Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Gavin Sandercoe

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