Breast Lift Risks

Breast Lift in Sydney – Risks

What are the risks of a breast lift in Sydney?

All procedures carry some risk. Having your procedure done in an accredited hospital minimises your risk during a breast lift in Sydney. The best way to categorise risks is to divide them into the risks of having a general anaesthetic, things that can go wrong during the procedure, things that might happen in the first few weeks and things that might happen further down the track.

Generally speaking, patients undergoing elective surgery have very minimal risk, but it is a doctor’s duty to inform patients of all their material risks. When you have a breast lift in Sydney with Dr Gavin Sandercoe, we want you to make the most informed decision. Our consent package details these risks, but the following is a quick list.

Risks of having a general anaesthetic

General anaesthesia is necessary for a complex procedure such as a breast lift in Sydney. All patients at Norwest Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery are treated by a specialist anaesthetist to ensure that you’re as safe as possible during your procedure. However, there are some risks that always accompany anaesthesia.

•    Areas of lung collapse and pneumonia
•    Clots in the legs (DVT) which can move to the lungs (Pulmonary Embolism)
•    Allergies
•    Awareness
•    Death (risk in Australia is about one in a million, you are at more risk driving to and from the hospital)

Things that can go wrong in the operation

Although your Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Sydney is highly skilled, there are always some risks with any surgical procedure.

•    Bleeding
•    Damage to surrounding structures

Things that might happen in the first few weeks

Although the body’s ability to heal is nothing short of incredible, there can be some complications that take place with the healing process. If you experience any of these problems after your breast lift in Sydney, you’ll be asked to visit your plastic surgeon’s office, as there is effective treatment available for many of these problems.

•    Collections of fluid or blood within your breast
•    Sensation changes to the breast or nipple
•    Firmness
•    Delayed healing
•    Irritation from dressings
•    Partial or complete loss of the nipple

Things that might happen long term

It’s impossible to predict exactly what the final result will be from any surgical procedure. Differences in how the body heals can change the results for some people. While most people who have a breast lift in Sydney end up being happy with the results, some people do experience problems with their final results.

•    Poor scars
•    Asymmetry
•    Changes in size and shape with age & weight fluctuations

Weighing the risks and benefits of having a breast lift in Sydney

During your consultation about your breast lift in Sydney, your specialist plastic surgeon will explain all these risks, what the surgeon will do to avoid and/or treat them, and the rates at which they occur. We offer our patients not one, but two consultation appointments prior to surgery, in which you will have the opportunity to ask your surgeon all of your questions about having a breast lift in Sydney. If you have any questions about the information presented on this page, or you want more detail about how common these types of problems are, please ask your surgeon to explain further. You have the right to ask as many questions as you want and to have everything explained to your satisfaction.

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