Combining Breast Lift with Breast Implants

Breast Lift in Sydney Combined with Breast Implants in Sydney

Will a breast augmentation with implants achieve the same results as a breast lift in Sydney?

Some women with breasts that are sagging want to try getting breast implants to “fill out” their sagging skin, hoping that this will provide the same results as a breast lift in Sydney.

The truth is that this will be successful in mild cases only. An anatomical shaped implant will rotate the breast and nipple up into a more youthful position, and achieves the greatest effect if placed directly under the gland (above the muscle). This results in a small scar in the fold between the breast and chest wall (inframammary fold). This operation does not qualify for an item number, so there will be no financial support from your health fund.


However, when there is moderate to severe sagging of the breast, then implants alone will not be able to restore the breast to its youthful contour. Implants placed into this type of breast will result in a larger sagging breast, rather than a youthful-looking breast. Instead, a breast lift in Sydney will provide the best results. Implants can be combined with a breast lift if more breast volume is desired.

Are you considering a breast lift or breast implants in Sydney?

To determine whether breast implants alone will be successful or a breast lift would be beneficial, you need the expert advice of a Specialist Plastic Surgeon. When you have a consultation with Dr Gavin Sandercoe, a Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Sydney, he will perform a thorough history and examination to determine the likely results of various procedures.

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