Breast Reconstruction Expectations

Breast Reconstruction in Sydney

What results should I expect from my breast reconstruction in Sydney?

There is a lot of hesitancy about breast reconstruction as many women are unsure what to expect. Breast reconstruction has developed substantially over the last 20 years or so. Initially, reconstruction was aimed at providing good quality tissue to assist the chest wall healing. Reconstruction aims then progressed to being able to fill a bra and look good clothed. Modern breast reconstruction in Sydney now takes these two criteria as an absolute minimum.

What will your reconstructed breast look like?


At the end of your breast reconstruction in Sydney (which may include multiple procedures), you should expect reasonably symmetrical breasts of a reasonable volume for your body shape. Nipple and areola reconstruction can provide a nipple that is well shaped and positioned to match your other breast. Norwest Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery works closely with a medical tattoo practitioner who is able to match the colour of your nipples and areolas.

What will the scars look like?

A reconstructed breast will have some scars on it, but they are usually of good quality. The position of the scars on the breast are usually pre-determined by the breast cancer surgeon and can only be minimally changed by the reconstructive surgeon. Your Specialist Plastic Surgeon will work with your existing tissue to create the best results from your breast reconstruction in Sydney.

Will the reconstructed breast change over time?

Breasts that are primarily reconstructed with body tissue will gain and lose weight with the rest of your body. Breasts that are reconstructed with implants will stay a similar shape as your body changes shape around them, but will age with time.

Most women regain some sensation in their reconstructed breasts, but the sensation is never normal.

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