Breast Reconstruction Procedure

Breast Reconstruction in Sydney – Procedure

What happens during a breast reconstruction in Sydney?

When you book your appointment to discuss breast reconstruction in Sydney, you will be sent a Patient Information Form. Completing this and returning it prior to your appointment will streamline your appointment.

Consultation appointments prior to your breast reconstruction in Sydney

During your first appointment to discuss breast reconstruction in Sydney, you should expect to spend about an hour with Dr Gavin Sandercoe. During this time he will take a thorough history and examination. If you have a remaining normal breast, this will be checked for any evidence of an underlying breast cancer. Measurements similar to those taken for breast augmentation and reduction (breast and nipple dimensions, and the quality & thickness of overlying tissue) are taken to help plan your reconstruction.

Attention will then be turned to assessing various areas that can be used for reconstructing your breast from available body fat. If no areas are suitable, discussion will centre upon implant reconstruction. Digital photographs are taken to assist with planning and explaining any asymmetries or limitations.

Dr Gavin Sandercoe is a fully qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with training and experience in many techniques of breast reconstruction. He does not favour one particular technique – instead, he will help you understand which type of surgery will best suit your breasts, body shape and your recovery needs, creating a personalised surgical plan for your breast reconstruction in Sydney.

Dr Gavin Sandercoe will discuss what you wish to achieve from your procedure. The risks and expectations of the procedure are then discussed and you are given a take home information package to review before your second consultation.

You are offered a second consultation free of charge to give you the opportunity to ask more questions that may have arisen after reading your information package, and to confirm your aims and choices for your breast reconstruction in Sydney.

The day of your breast reconstruction in Sydney

Dr Gavin Sandercoe only performs breast reconstruction in Sydney in accredited hospitals, ensuring that your safety is paramount. Prior to your operation, you will have planning marks drawn on you and a digital photograph taken.

You are put to sleep by a specialist anaesthetist (general anaesthetic), and pain relief and antibiotics are given through a drip before the operation is started. The antibiotic helps to prevent an infection from developing in the incisions, keeping you healthy and helping to improve your results.

Depending on the technique chosen for reconstruction, your operation can take anywhere from a few hours to all day. Most techniques aim to provide a reasonable shaped breast by the end of the first procedure. You are likely to have drains in the operative sites, and may have a surgical bra or corset on when you wake up.

Most breast reconstruction procedures are performed as an inpatient procedure, so you should expect to stay in hospital somewhere between overnight and a full week, depending on which technique is used. Dr Gavin Sandercoe will monitor you to ensure your safety during and after your breast reconstruction in Sydney.

Most breast reconstruction procedures require at least one other touch up procedure to fine tune the volume and shape of the reconstructed breast. At this stage, we also ensure that your breasts are as symmetrical as possible and offer nipple reconstruction to finish the structural procedures. Finalising your new look is medical tattooing of the nipple to a natural colour that is matched to your normal side.

Learn more about the procedure for a breast reconstruction in Sydney

If you’re interested in more detail about what the breast reconstruction procedure entails, here’s an animated video created by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons showing the procedure. Dr Sandercoe would also be happy to discuss the surgical process with you in detail and answer your questions about it during your consultation appointments.

Watch ASPS 3D Animation: Breast Reconstruction

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