Breast Reduction

Are you considering a breast reduction in Sydney?

Do you feel your breasts are too heavy for the rest of your body? Do you suffer from neck or shoulder pain, or back pain? Is it hard to find clothes that fit well?

A breast reduction in Sydney is a safe way to re-size and re-shape your breasts to suit the rest of your figure. Women who’ve undergone breast reductions say it restores their confidence, and frees them up to exercise and undertake activities that may have been painful before.

A breast reduction is also known as a reduction mammaplasty.

What’s involved in a breast reduction in Sydney?

Breasts are a combined structure of gland and fat in a skin envelope that is attached to the chest wall over the top of the chest muscle (pectoralis major). Any of the gland, fat or skin can increase in size or stretchiness with the resulting larger breast. Resulting stretch marks will to some extent determine which technique of breast reduction in Sydney will best suit your needs.

Not all breasts respond the same way to surgery. Your skin will respond differently to stretching and relaxation compared to other people. So we use different surgical techniques to accommodate your particular needs.

In general terms, there are a few common techniques of breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty, and they all have their role in breasts with differing needs. Dr Gavin Sandercoe evaluates each patient to determine which technique of breast reduction in Sydney is right for her.

1.    Periareolar (Benelli) breast reduction.

This type of breast reduction results in a scar that is only at the junction of the pigmented areola and normal breast skin. As there is minimal skin excision involved in this operation, it achieves good results in breasts with mild laxity and only fat excess. It does not address the needs of breasts with stretch marks very well. It is a popular technique for mastopexy.

2.     Vertical scar breast reduction.

This operation has a lollipop ‘short scar’, and is suitable for breasts with moderate excess and reasonable skin quality. It relies on some skin contraction to assist with supporting the breast. As a result, some patients require a touch up procedure a few months after the operation to help smooth out the infra-mammary fold. This is a good technique in a majority of cases, but it is not for everyone!

3.    Inverted T breast reduction.

This operation is suitable for large breasts with excess of all three components. The scars run around the nipple, down the breast and along the infra-mammary fold, in an anchor shape. Patients with bad stretch marks usually require this type of operation to help remove damaged skin and support the newly shaped breast in the correct position.

Can liposuction alone achieve a good breast reduction in Sydney?


Consider the cross section of the breast. Liposuction can only remove fat. Even a breast that has normal breast gland volume with extra fat will have the overlying skin stretched to some extent. A liposuction only breast reduction is relying on the overlying skin to reduce in area after the fat has been removed, something that does not occur in all cases, especially if the skin has stretch marks.

It is common after liposuction only breast reductions to be left with same volume of breast tissue in the same skin envelope, with little connection or fill between the two. A surgical breast reduction in Sydney provides better results for most patients.

Considering a breast reduction in Sydney?

A consultation with Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Gavin Sandercoe will inform you of your options, risk and expected results from a breast reduction in Sydney.

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