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Nipple Surgery in Sydney

Are you considering nipple surgery in Sydney?

With any breast procedure (augmentation, reduction or lift), there are several other adjunctive procedures that women often request. These need to be discussed during your pre-operative consultation so that they are planned into your operation.

1.    Nipple lift in Sydney

Repositioning nipple height is part of a normal breast reduction or breast lift procedure. Nipples that are ‘down gazing’ or only slightly dropped can be safely adjusted during a breast augmentation procedure. Larger shifts of nipple height during breast augmentation require more in depth nipple surgery in Sydney.

2.   Correction of inverted nipples in Sydney

Inverted nipples can cause problems with breastfeeding and hygiene. Inverted nipples are thought to be caused by milk ducts that are too short for their surrounding breast gland. Inverted nipples are well known for being difficult to correct, and have a high recurrence rate. Many procedures have been proposed for correction of this condition, proving that none of them are fool proof. Dr Gavin Sandercoe tailors several techniques together to provide your greatest chance of success from your nipple surgery in Sydney.

3.    Reduction of nipple height in Sydney

Like all tissues that are subjected to stretch, not all of them bounce back once the stretch is released! Some women’s nipples become longer with breastfeeding, and become out of proportion to the breast. This is more common in women with darker skin, and seems to be a trade off for their decreased risk of nipple cracking during breastfeeding! A reduction of nipple height can be safely performed in conjunction with other breast surgery.

4.    Areolar reduction in Sydney

Most patients have a conceptual idea of how large the areola should be on breasts of different sizes. If your areola is relatively large, it can cause an imbalance in the appearance of your breasts. This is more common in women that are requesting a breast lift or breast reduction, and this is addressed during a ‘normal’ operation for them. A large areola is sometimes noticed in women with appropriately sized breasts and normally positioned nipples – in these cases, nipple surgery in Sydney (areolar reduction as a stand-alone procedure) is the procedure of choice.

What is involved in nipple and areolar operations?

Nipples have a well developed nerve and blood supply, which allows the tissue to be reshaped and heal quickly. Depending on your problem, and how the nipple is positioned and sized relative to your breast, an appropriate solution will be offered to you for your nipple surgery in Sydney.

We generally offer nipple procedures as a day surgery procedure, under general anaesthetic in a fully accredited facility. Whilst this could be done under local anaesthetic, most patients wish to avoid injections around their nipples.

What does Dr Sandercoe offer?

An initial consultation with Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Gavin Sandercoe and his team will help you to understand what your individual circumstances are, and what would be involved in a nipple surgery in Sydney.

Dr Gavin Sandercoe is a fully qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Sydney with training in many different techniques of reshaping nipples and breasts. Dr Sandercoe does not favour one particular technique – he will discuss your options and propose a technique that is matched with your physical needs and social restrictions. This will help you on the road to recovering with a great result!

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