Deep Chemical Peel with Croton Oil in Sydney – What to expect


The path towards a deep chemical peel with croton oil begins with a complete assessment of your face by a Sydney Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Gavin Sandercoe. Even if you are not interested in surgery, understanding the gains that can be made by surgery, that will not be achieved through laser treatments and croton oil peeling is critical in a patient understanding what to expect in terms of results after this treatment. A thorough history and physical examination is included in this assessment and a full panel of face photographs as well as a Vectra skin assessment are performed. Our dermal therapist will also review your skin and recommend options for routine skin care.


If Sydney Plastic Surgeon, Dr Gavin Sandercoe, assesses that deep chemical peeling with croton oil will provide benefits that you are seeking, we will begin with preparing your skin for the peel. This involves following a strict regimen of skin care, which includes high strength Vitamin A creams for 6-8 weeks, depending on your skin type. The aim of this preparation is to put your skin turnover into overdrive, so that you heal as quickly as possible after the croton oil peel, thereby minimising your risk of side effects. During this time, your skin will be dry & flaky. If this is too unpleasant, then the healing process after the deep chemical peel with croton oil is likely to be challenging for the patient.


Patients with some medical issues (such as irregular heart rhythms) may require an anaesthetist to be present for their procedure.


You are then re-assessed by the team a week prior to your chemical peel and repeat photo and Vectra analysis are performed. A peel treatment plan is confirmed and your paperwork is completed. If you are prone to cold sores, we will begin prophylaxis at this point.


On the day of your deep chemical peel, we request that you attend with someone whom is able to drive you home, as we may use a mild sedative during the procedure. Please do not wear any makeup at all to the procedure. Wash your face with simple soap only on the morning.


We will apply a high strength local anaesthetic cream to your face, which will soak in whilst we arrange the treatment room for your deep chemical peel with croton oil. We will then apply a series of chemicals designed to clear the face of oils, numb the nerve endings and allow the croton oil to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin.


Croton oil peel of varying concentrations is then applied to the different zones of your facial skin. A peeling frost is observed and then the croton oil is removed. It takes about 30 minutes to peel a complete face.


Your face is then wrapped in a special tape mask, which traps moisture and protects your skin & nerve endings for the first night. You are provided with a prescription for pain relief should you need it.


We will review you the next morning and change your dressings. The next review is at 1 week, and then at regular intervals. Post procedure skin care is also prescribed and is important to ensure your best result and avoidance of complications.








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