Face Lift Cost

Face Lift in Sydney – Cost

What is the cost for a face lift in Sydney?

Like all procedures, there are a few elements to take into consideration when billing for a Face lift Operation. The fees for a face lift in Sydney include:

•    The Surgeon’s Fee (+/- Assistant’s fee)
•    The Anaesthetist’s Fee
•    The Hospital/Facility Fee (includes both the Theatre & 1 Night Accommodation Fees)
•    Post operative compression garments

The total cost for a face lift in Sydney is approximately:-

Face Lift Simple (mini/short scar): from $10 000.00* incl. GST
Face and Neck Lift: from $16 500.00* incl. GST

We are constantly seeking methods to reduce costs for patients. The facility fees vary from place to place, and over time. We are vigilant in watching for options that will save our patients money without compromising results or safety.

*Prices effective as of June 2017

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