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Face Lift in Sydney – Recovery

What should you expect after a face lift in Sydney?

Most face lift procedures are performed with the plan of an overnight stay (at least) in hospital. This ensures your safety after your face lift in Sydney. Many patients will have small drains in their cheeks when they wake up, to prevent the build up of fluid. The drains will stay in until there is only a small amount of fluid coming out of them; this typically takes a few days, although it can be longer or shorter in some patients. The removal of the drains is generally quick and not painful.

Side effects that may occur after a face lift in Sydney

In the first 24 hours, it is normal to expect the following symptoms:-

•    Drowsiness
•    Dry throat
•    Nausea (possibly)
•    Discomfort and stiffness

Pain management after your face lift

The local anaesthetic helps with pain control for the first evening, but has usually worn off by the following morning. This is usually the time when patients feel the most soreness. Regularly taking paracetamol and anti inflammatories for the first few days after the operation is important in minimising your discomfort and need for stronger pain killers.

You will wake up with a surgical or post operative compression garment on, and you should wear one at all times in the first few weeks after your face lift in Sydney. This helps reduce the amount of fluid in the drains (so they come out earlier) and helps contour the neck.

Return to activity after your face lift in Sydney

Once you are comfortable moving around your room, you will be discharged home with a prescription for pain relief and antibiotics. You will take these medications for a few days after your face lift in Sydney.

There is some social down time after a facelift procedure, where you will not want to be in the general public or having photographs taken at events. Most people can return to an office job within a week or two.

Gently walking is the only exercise you should plan on doing for the first few weeks, and it will take about four weeks before you will feel well enough to return to the gym or restart running. Your body will tell you (with pain) if you are trying too soon. When you feel pain, it’s important that you back off and wait a few days before trying that activity again, rather than “pushing through the pain.” Allowing time for your body to heal will result in the best outcome from your breast lift in Sydney.

Follow up after your face lift in Sydney

You will be asked to see Dr Gavin Sandercoe for several follow up appointments to ensure that your body is healing well from the procedure. This also allows your Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Sydney to treat any complications that occur. You will have appointments scheduled at one week, one month, three months (optional) and six months after your breast lift in Sydney. Some procedures may require longer follow up. If there are any problems, we want to hear from you and sort it out as soon as possible!

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