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Neck Lift in Sydney

Are you considering a neck lift in Sydney?

Do you believe that your neck is giving away your age? Do you hate the skin and shape of your neck? Is your neck is aging faster than you feel? A neck lift in Sydney may be the answer to help you reshape your neck.

What is involved in a neck lift?

In the last few decades, the different techniques of neck lift procedures have expanded dramatically. However, at the core of all these techniques are still a few basic principles. These are:

1.    Liposuction of the neck fat that is superficial (above) the sheet of platysma muscle

2.    Elevate the neck skin from an incision that will heal well and be barely visible once healed

3.    Resuspend the platysma/neck muscle into a position that is more typical of younger patients

4.    Assess if the deeper structures of the neck (deep neck fat, digastrics muscle, submandibular salivary gland) require manipulation to achieve the required end result

5.    Re-drape the skin so that there will be no tension on the wound and excise any excess skin in a manner that the scars will be hidden

6.    Close the wound under as little tension as possible, again to hide the scars as well as possible

A neck lift alone only achieves results in the neck and the jaw line. In order to appear in balance, the rest of your face will need to be assessed and may benefit from rejuvenation at the same time. Your specialist plastic surgeon will address this when you come for your consultation about a neck lift in Sydney.

Which technique of neck lift is best for me?

From a patient point of view, there are two broad categories of neck lift surgery based on the incision length – a standard neck lift or short scar variation. Patients that wish for a shorter operation with less downtime often choose a short scar approach. The longer scar gives greater access to achieve greater effects in more areas, and is more appropriate for patients that have thin skin. When you come for your consultation, your specialist plastic surgeon will inform you of which approach would work better for your neck lift in Sydney.


When should I think about a neck lift in Sydney?

A neck lift is not for everyone. Patients that benefit the most from their neck lift are in their 40s or older, non smokers in good physical condition and near their ideal weight.

Want to discuss your options for a neck lift in Sydney?

Sydney Plastic Surgeon Dr Gavin Sandercoe and his team will help you decide which course of action is best for you to achieve the appearance you are aiming for.

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