Neck Lift Cost

Neck Lift in Sydney – Cost

What is the cost for a neck lift in Sydney?

Like all surgical procedures, a neck lift in Sydney is a complex procedure involving care by multiple different medical professionals. That means there are a few different elements to take into consideration when billing for a Neck Lift Operation. The fees for a neck lift in Sydney include:

•    The Surgeon’s Fee (+/- Assistant’s fee)
•    The Anaesthetist’s Fee
•    The Hospital/Facility Fee (includes both the Theatre & Accommodation Fees)
•    Post operative compression garments

The total fee for a neck lift can vary somewhat between patients, depending on the exact procedures chosen, the patient’s other medical needs, and similar factors. However, we can give an estimate for the total cost. When you visit your Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Sydney for your consultation, you will receive a more detailed and personalised estimate of what the costs will be for your neck lift.

Estimated total cost for a neck lift

The total cost for a neck lift in Sydney is approximately:-

Uninsured: from $9 500.00* incl. GST

The facility fees vary from place to place and over time, and this can affect your overall costs for the procedure. We are aware that finances are a significant consideration for many patients, and we do our best to keep your costs as low as possible. We are vigilant in watching for options that will save our patients money.

However, we will never compromise results or safety to save money. Doing so would go against our ethics, and it would also end up costing more in the end, because additional procedures would be needed to fix the problems created. It’s worth paying the cost for a safe procedure that delivers the results you’re looking for, rather than cutting corners.

Keep in mind that the above cost is only an estimate. Your costs could be higher, and will depend on whether or not you have private health insurance and which type of insurance. Dr Sandercoe cannot predict your exact costs for your neck lift in Sydney without examining you and determining your personal situation. To get a more personalised cost estimate for your neck lift, a consultation with your Specialist Plastic Surgeon is necessary.

*Prices effective as of June 2017

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