Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Plastic Surgery for Men in Sydney

Are you considering plastic surgery for men in Sydney?

Plastic surgery is not just for women! A growing number of men are embracing the available options to help them look and feel brighter, younger and happier with their self-image. Plastic surgery for men is about taking control of your appearance – identifying the problem, deciding on the strategy to deal with it and employing the most effective tactics to achieve the results that you want. Plastic surgery for men in Sydney is becoming a more and more popular option.

Many men are surprised by just what’s possible today. You may have a major issue with a particular part of your body, or it may be a small but irritating flaw that requires minor attention. Problem areas are targeted with precision treatments and procedures that range from subtle to more intensive solutions.

Treatments vary in complexity with non-surgical as well as surgical solutions available, depending on the problem presented. Here are a few examples that have proved popular with men:

Surgical options

Surgery can result in a significant improvement to your appearance. The most popular procedures in plastic surgery for men in Sydney are eyelid reduction, face and brow lift and nose reshaping.

Eyelid Rejuvenation Surgery (Blepharoplasty) 

Eye rejuvenation procedures can have a dramatically youthful effect on a person’s appearance. Targeted areas include heavy or droopy upper lids, and dark circles and bulges under the lower eyelids.

Face Lift (Rhytidectomy)

This is a rejuvenation procedure that targets the typical signs of ageing: lines around the mouth, jowls and heaviness in the lower cheek. A face lift addresses the lower face and neck, with powerful results. Those who receive this type of plastic surgery for men in Sydney will look years younger.

Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

While reshaping the nose can dramatically improve your appearance, the procedure needs to be done in a way that ensures your nose continues to function efficiently. Common cosmetic procedures include reducing a hump, straightening a bent nose or reducing the projection of the tip of a nose.

Gynaecomastia (male chest reduction)

Abnormally enlarged male breast glands have a number of known and unknown causes. The most significant of these are testicular cancer or male breast cancer. Most cases are curable by a short operation to remove the non-functioning (but overgrowing) breast gland. Larger operations may involve skin removal with external scars – this is common in men who have lost a massive amount of weight and/or have stretch marks. The first step is to eliminate cancer as a cause and determine which treatment is appropriate. If your condition requires plastic surgery for men in Sydney, Dr Gavin Sandercoe will discuss your options and the results that you can expect.


Abdominoplasty (or tummy tuck) in males is increasing in popularity. As guys (and ladies) lose their excess weight, they are left with a different problem – the additional skin and flab that they’d rather was left behind as part of their old self. The abdominoplasty procedure removes the excess skin, fat, and tightens the stomach muscles leaving the midline firm. This form of plastic surgery for men in Sydney is only suitable for patients who are at or near their goal weight, and can take 6-8 weeks off training whilst they recover.

Non-surgical options

Antiwrinkle injections, fillers, laser treatment or a peel can help you look brighter and rejuvenated. Although it is not plastic surgery for men in Sydney, but rather non-surgical cosmetic treatment, these procedures can make a big difference in how a man looks and feels.

Antiwrinkle Injections

The anti-wrinkle serum is a purified protein derived from bacteria, in a process similar to how penicillin was originally created. This protein interferes with the normal transmission of signals between the nerve and muscle, preventing the muscle from contracting. Popular areas to treat are crows’ feet, frown lines and forehead lines. The serum can also be used to reduce underarm sweating. This is a short procedure with no expected downtime.

Dermal Fillers

These are another non-surgical option for creating a youthful appearance. The fillers add volume to the face without affecting the muscles, so you still have a natural expression. The fillers plump up static wrinkles and reduce the depth of facial folds. The procedure takes about 30 minutes and most men return to work the same day.


Essentially, peels break down the glue that holds the skin cells together. This stimulates a faster cell turnover, resulting in a more youthful appearance to the skin as the healthier skin layers rise to the surface. Some peels work at the deeper skin levels for a more intensive result.

Laser Treatments

These therapies treat a variety of conditions in different ways. Skin resurfacing targets fine lines, uneven skin tone and texture, wrinkles and sun damage. Laser Genesis is a technologically advanced treatment that targets skin conditions typically associated with ageing, without removing layers of skin. This procedure has no downtime and minimal discomfort. The non-invasive Limelight facial improves skin tone and surface imperfections. Vein therapy targets tiny facial veins and also small blue leg veins quickly and effectively.

Permanent Hair Reduction

Our medical grade CUTERA XEO offers both LASER (COOLGLIDE) and INTENSE PULSED LIGHT (PROWAVE) hair reduction. Both have advantages, depending on your individual needs and skin type. Both systems cool the skin to prevent unwanted pigmentation and enhance patient comfort.

The next step

If you have a problem area that needs to be addressed, your first step is a consultation with Dr Gavin Sandercoe at which time your options are examined and a treatment strategy discussed. Plastic surgery for men in Sydney is a more and more popular option, and could be the answer for the problems that have been bothering you.

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