Reviews of Syndey, NSW Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gavin Sandercoe

Thanks for visiting this page. In short, there are no reviews or testimonials on Dr Gavin Sandercoe’s website. Below is an explanation of why they are illegal, and further down is a few links to other websites that do have reviews of Dr Gavin Sandercoe that patients might find helpful. It’s ok if you want to skip the explanations and just go to the bottom of the page! J

The Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) issued ‘Guidelines for Advertising’ in 2010. Within this document, the rules state that the use of testimonials or purported testimonials is considered unacceptable advertising.

This was followed by the Updated Advertising Guidelines, which came into effect on 20th May 2014. This is a confusing document, but a brief summary of the important points follows.

  • The National Law bans the use of testimonials or purported testimonials in advertising a regulated health service
  • Testimonials are statements making a recommendation about a service or its quality
  • Advertising is something that intends to promote or encourage the use of a regulated health service
  • Practitioners that are using their social media page to advertise regulated health services must remove any testimonials that are part of their advertising
  • Practitioners are not responsible for removing unsolicited testimonials published on a website or social media over which they do not have control

Dr Gavin Sandercoe and his team take the National Law and Guidelines for Advertising as a serious matter. We have come to the following conclusions as to the legal use of reviews within the Australian medical system.

  • Reviews are not acceptable within our website
  • Reviews are probably ok on our social media sites as long as we do not use them within any posts that could be considered advertising
  • Reviews are allowable if they are on external sites that we do not have control over.

We are always grateful when a patient shares their positive experiences with the world, and are keen to hear directly from patients that feel we could improve our services to patients

We hope to assist patients that are seeking to read first hand experiences on Dr Gavin Sandercoe’s standard of care and surgical competence by listing external sources of reviews, over which we have no control or influence.

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