Skin Cancer Reconstruction Cost

Skin Cancer Reconstruction in Sydney – Cost

What is the cost for skin cancer reconstruction in Sydney?

Like all surgical procedures, skin cancer reconstruction in Sydney is a complex procedure involving care by multiple different medical professionals. That means there are a few different elements to take into consideration when billing for a Skin Cancer Reconstruction Operation. The fees for skin cancer reconstruction in Sydney include:

•    The Surgeon’s Fee (+/- Assistant’s fee)
•    The Anaesthetist’s Fee
•    The Hospital/Facility Fee (includes both the Theatre & Accommodation Fees)

The total fee for skin cancer reconstruction can vary somewhat between patients, depending on the exact procedures chosen, the patient’s other medical needs, and similar factors. However, we can give an estimate for the total cost. When you visit your Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Sydney for your consultation, you will receive a more detailed and personalised estimate of what the costs will be for your skin cancer reconstruction.

Reimbursement for skin cancer reconstruction in Sydney by Medicare and health funds

Reimbursement for medical professionals performing skin cancer removal and reconstruction is governed by Medicare item numbers. These numbers are different depending on the type of cancer, size of cancer and position on the body. The reconstructive options are also reimbursed at different rates.

When you see Dr Gavin Sandercoe, he will be able to identify which item numbers will be most appropriate for your skin cancer reconstruction in Sydney. At that stage, you will then be provided with an accurate pre-operative quote of the costs and what you can expect to be reimbursed by Medicare +/- your health fund.

If you choose to have your procedure performed in the rooms under local anaesthetic, you need to be aware that your private health fund will NOT pay for costs above the Medicare rebate.

If you are choosing to use your private health insurance in hospital (with a general anaesthetic), please ensure that your health fund covers the item numbers. Some health funds are seeking to reduce costs by not covering ‘plastic surgery procedures.’ In some instances, this results in the health funds refusing payment for all item numbers within the Plastic Surgery section of Medicare, including the item numbers used for skin cancer reconstruction. Unfortunately, this could result in you being required to pay out of pocket for your skin cancer reconstruction in Sydney. So that this situation does not surprise you, please check with your fund prior to scheduling your procedure, so that you know what will be covered.

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